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If you manage a software developer who is in the process of coming out as trans, or if you are trans and coming out yourself and looking for advice to give your manager, you might be researching all of the steps you should take to make that process go smoothly. Here's some information and advice that I wish my manager had when I came out.

Naming things is one of the hard problems in Computer Science. Users want to be able to change their usernames for a variety of reasons. If your GitHub app uses the username information from GitHub, you should ensure you properly handle when this changes.

I found myself in the position that is familiar to many developers. I have too many projects that I want to implement and not enough time. Do I spend my time learning microcontroller programming or building a tool to generate cross stitch patterns? For a brief moment, I considered reviving my project management app from years ago, before realizing that this was yet another project.

Personally, I've come to prefer languages that have static type systems over those with more dynamic ones. I was reflecting while investigating a stack trace for work and I realized that there is an undercurrent of empathy to my preference. Much has been said about "types as tests" and "eliminating classes of bugs by making illegal state unrepresentable", but I haven't seen it expressed from this framing before.

In the first entry of my talk review series, I'm going to review Bryan Cantril's "Principles of Technology Leadership" talk and hopefully convince you that it's worth your time to watch.